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In professional, academic, and personal domains, I am drawn to topics that are both cultural and controversial. In my own spaces of privilege, I seek to remember that no human experience or topic is apolitical. Rather, concepts are shaped by cultural, political, and historical forces. Thus, each one of these pieces, while dissimilar in structure and content matter (to a degree), have invited within me deep reflection on my personal narratives, common societal discourses, and the interconnectedness of institutions. In some ways, they are a demonstration of my continual inner search for a way to balance my identity as someone who conforms to social norms and expectations while actively criticizing them. I continually learn, make mistakes, and learn again. Here are some pieces that represent my current place on this journey of understanding and reconciliation, on both a societal and personal level.

Image by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis

Always Hungry, Never Satisfied:

An Analysis of Diet Culture

Through the Experts' Lens

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Image by Sam McGhee

A Story a Century in the Making:

#OscarsSoWhite as an Iteration of African American Preclassical Film Protest

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Image by Erol Ahmed
Program Planning

Power to

the Period:

Increasing Preparedness for

Menstrual Education

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