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Eating disorders are a prevalent and serious public health issue. Yet, often times, when we reflect on who we believe develops an eating disorder, it’s a very narrow segment of the population—often young, white, female, and thin, amongst other things. In reality, these deadly illnesses do not discriminate, and affect people of color, those in poverty, and others at the intersections of marginalized groups. With the goal of shedding light on this stigmatized topic and widening the public’s understanding of eating disorders, yoga, and body discrimination, I interviewed a prominent figure in this movement (whose name has been changed), wrote this article, and designed the cover spread to symbolize the convergence of racism, sexism, body discrimination in society and in yoga, and psychological components, which all serve as contributing factors for an eating disorder.


I had the opportunity to take a public health course all about eating disorders, and the information in the article was based upon the resources from that class. Attached are two papers written in this course and another course. The first paper is a critical analysis exploring correlations between depictions of women’s bodies in art and advertising and eating disorders. The second is a paper addressing anorexia nervosa through public health frameworks.