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Gentrification continues to emerge as a significant issue in cities across the nation. Gentrification a process stimulated by the arrival of wealthier people to an existing urban area of low-income residents and communities of color, leading to surges in property values, which in turn, alters the area’s culture, character, and community. Atlanta, Georgia, my home city, is no stranger to this process of gentrification. The Atlanta Beltline, a former strip of railroad, has been converted to a multi-use trail over the last several years, in an effort to clear up traffic, make Atlanta more walkable and green, create spaces for art and public gathering, and even offer more affordable housing. It has achieved some of these goals, but at what cost? What may be revitalization for some may lead to displacement for others. To shed a spotlight on this topic in a communal manner that upholds dialogue over debate, I created one poster as part of a larger series. This specific poster explores the issues of housing segregation, using the imagery of railroad tracks and a zipper to ask the question: is the Beltline bringing us together, or tearing us apart? The poster is meant to invite Atlantans to attend one of many community conversations about the changing landscape of their neighborhood.


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